Calling All Singers!

Singers are welcome to join us during our first three open rehearsals at the start of each season. Singers must be 18 years or older and have a rudimentary understanding of music. No auditions are held, though we do reserve the right for the Director to use his discretion in the placement of voices.

Membership Information

Membership Fee - $25 per season, or $40 yearly (payable at the start of the season).

Music Deposit - A $20 refundable deposit per season will be required to remove music from the hall. Deposits will be returned at the post performance meeting upon the return of your unmarked music.

Rehearsal Day/Time – Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 9:30.  Additional rehearsal may be scheduled prior to performance dates.

Practice Files – Members will be provided with access to GMCC practice files per individual section.  Practice files provide our members with the ability to practice between our formal rehearsals on Wednesday nights.

Attendance – Members are to be present and on time at all regular rehearsals, meetings and scheduled concerts. At the discretion of the executive board, any member absent from three (3) rehearsals in a given season may be ineligible to sing at that season's concerts. If you will be absent from rehearsal, you must call your section leader prior to practice.

Committees – Every member is encouraged to participate on a committee in some manner. There are many tasks that need to be done to put on a performance, and if all hands contribute a little bit, the work gets done easily and effectively. See committee listing under ABOUT US.

Solo Opportunities - We offer solo opportunities to showcase your talents: Solos are open to individuals or small groups (duet, trio or even more) to perform their choice of music consistent with the theme of the performance.